The Roastery

Inspiration behind starting the roastery

The absence of roasteries in the township motivated the establishment of the roastery. Siki’s Koffee aspires to be in the forefront of developing new blends and introducing people to educational possibilities in the roasting industry.

To get high-quality coffee, and support the local community, Siki’s Koffee aims to build on the skills of those around him, integrating local inspiration with international coffee knowledge. The roastery won’t only produce outstanding coffee for Siki’s Kafes – you can buy the beans to take the experience with you!

We want to supply households, coffee shops, caf├ęs, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets with only the best coffee, and inspire others to bring their own flavour to the coffee industry.

To purchase our Original Blend or Single Origin Blend, click here.


At the moment we have two coffee options in store; our Original Blend of beans sourced from across Africa and roasted at home in Khayelitsha, and our Single-Origin Yirgacheffe or Sidamo Blends.

Both blends are a delicate balance of sweetness and fullness. Subtle enough for the everyday coffee consumer, but strong enough to get you through the day! Try them both and let us know your favourite!